St. George’s Parish Church

St. George’s Parish in Gornja Stubica was first mentioned in the existing documents in 1334, while the church itself was mentioned as early as 1209 and then in 1340. The oldest description of the church originates from 1622.

The church is dedicated to St. George the Martyr, one of the most popular patron saints in Krapina-Zagorje County. There are numerous legends based on which, in popular belief, St. George became the patron of many areas of life and protector against all of life’s perils. He is also the protector of soil, crops, greenery, cattle, ploughmen, crusaders and soldiers.

The church interior has three Baroque altars and a pulpit. The main altar, consecrated to St. George, was placed in the church in 1740 and was made by an unknown master. The side Baroque altars were consecrated to St. Florian and St. Anthony of Padua, later to be consecrated to Our Lady of Sorrows. Both altars are of similar construction and were created in the mid 18th century.

Through its long history, the church was expanded and its interior partitioned several times, and it was damaged twice by earthquakes. In 1936-37 it underwent such an expansion that we can say it was rebuilt. The church was reconstructed in the style of Early Christian basilicas. It has artistic wall paintings made according to the painter prof. Vlado Pavlek from Zagreb, and all the altars and wooden statues, the pulpit and the organ case were also restaured. An electronic organ was aquired, while the old pipe organ, originating from 1806, was entirely renovated and updated.

In 2001, two new bells were aquired from Insbruck. The larger one, which weighs over 1500 kg, is consecrated to the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, and it was installed in remembrance of the day the Holy Father John Paul II passed through this parish - October 3rd 1998. The smaller bell, weighing 270 kg, is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The church now has five electrified bells, among which it is worth to mention the old bell from 1713, weighing 900 kg.

Reverend Nikola Jurković, parish administrator

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