The Chapel of St. John the Baptist in Gornja Stubica

This Baroque-style shrine was built during the 18th century at the private grounds of the Mihelčić family, in the centre of Gornja Stubica. It was used for May and October devotions, as well as a station during big parish processions. Some say that the chapel was previously dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk, but there is no reliable evidence as to that. During the communist period, worshipers, due to fear, abandonded this chapel; the statues were stolen, tiles were broken, and it was overtaken by vegetation. It had to wait half a century, untilthe year 2000, when it was completely renovated. Renovation began on March 1st 1999, and was followed with great joy and supported by God’s people. The dimensions of the chapel are 3.60 x 3.70 m. Mass is served here once a year, on the Sunday after the Feast of St. John the Baptist. Electrified bell rings three times a day.

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