Klet Pod lipom (Cottage Under the Linden Tree)

The tavern Klet pod lipom (Cottage Under the Linden Tree) is located in the shade of the old linden tree under which Matija Gubec held meetings with his company while he planed the urging of the peasants to rebel against the cruel will of their feudal lord - Tahy.

Over the last 18 years, this originally decorated tavern placed in a small cottage that is more than 200 years old,has become a very popular tourist attraction for all those wishing to get to know the region of Gornja Stubica and to enjoy the atmosphere and the environment for which we received prestigious landscaping awards from the Croatian National Tourist Board, or yet to savour the frangrant flowers of the 500-year-old beauty of a tree that recites a new story from its rich life to every new tourist. Both the cottage and the 500-year-old Gubec Linden Tree are protected cultural monuments.

The cottage abounds in antique objects that might interest all those wishing to find out more about various objects and purposes they served over the past decades, and even centuries before our time.

Opening times: 9am - 10 pm
We are closed on Mondays!
Capacity: 40 seats