Peasants' Revolt

On the eve of the anniversary of the Peasants' Revolt, namely its final battle at Stubica, which took place on the 9th of February 1573, there is a 2-day event The Peasants’ Revolt in Donja Stubica. This annual event first started in 2008 and is organised by the Fellowship of the Knights of the Golden Chalice from Donja Stubica.

The event shows everything that happened while Matija Gubec was urging the peasants into rebellion as well as the re-enactment of the final battle with the participation of numerous extras and members of various associations from Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Hungary, making it international in character.

The event begins with the urging of the peasants into the rebellion. Peasant leaders gather in front of the birth house of Matija Gubec and, led by him, depart towards the Gubec Linden Tree. There they are met by the disgruntled peasants and the urging of the peasants, i.e. their arming, begins.

The main event, the Battle of Stubica, staged by the extras dressed in mediaeval costumes as feudal lords and peasants, armed with swards, cannons, pitchforks, spears, and sickles - faithfully displays the final battle at the field of Stubica.

CRAFT : SELJACKA BUNA / BITKA KOD STUBICE from Marko Butrakovic on Vimeo.